Linksys Router Firmware Update Failed

Is your Linksys router updated failed? Are you not able to update to Linksys router firmware or your Linksys Router Firmware update get stuck during the updating? This is the most common situation that most users face while performing.

Linksys Router Firmware Update Failed

Can’t Update Linksys Router Firmware- Reason

If you can’t update Linksys router firmware. Before that, you must know the current version of your firmware. For that just follow the given procedure

Linksys Router Firmware Update Gets Stuck- Steps to Recover

Step1: Launch the web browser which is installed in your system

Step2: In the address bar of your browser, enter the web address of router or

Step3: Navigate through the Setup page and look for the status tab, then you can see the current version of your Linksys router

When Linksys Router Firmware Upgrade goes wrong

The most common is which user mostly receives that Linksys router firmware upgrade goes wrong and they face Linksys router firmware failed message on their screen.

Steps To Fix Linksys Smart WiFi Firmware Update Failed Error

  • Make sure your Linksys router is properly connected to the internet
  • Check your power cables for any kind of fault
  • Cross verify that your router’s power supply is working properly or not
  • Disable all the firewall settings, antivirus, and security settings of your system
  • Clear the history, cache of your system and browser
  • Reboot your Linksys Router and try the process of firmware update
  • If you are still facing the same message, repeat the mentioned steps again

What to do when Linksys router firmware update gets stuck

Is your Linksys router firmware update getting stuck in the middle when you are trying this using Then you must try to mention steps to overcome this situation. These steps will resolve your problem of Linksys router firmware update issue:

Linksys router firmware update gets stuck
  • Find Reset button of your router
  • Take small objects such as a pin
  • Now press and hold the reset button using that pin for few seconds
  • Wait till the power LED of your Linksys router will start to flash
  • Release the button and wait for the router to finish the reboot process
  • Now enter the in your browser
  • Navigate through the setup page to update your firmware now

Enable Automatic Linksys Router Firmware Update

In order to get rid of Linksys router firmware update failed, again and again, one can also set up automatic update setting for the firmware:

Enable Automatic Linksys Router Firmware Update

Step1: Login to Linksys server account with and look for the connectivity tab.

Step2: Under the firmware update section, look for an automatic option to enable.

Step3: Once done, click on Apply to save the changes

Step4: An automatic firmware update will start.

Note: During this process check that your power does not go out, otherwise your Linksys router firmware will fail.

Step5: Once firmware will be completed your router will ask to reboot.

Step6: Reboot your Linksys router and get rid of interrupted internet problems.

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